Monday, November 01, 2004

Above and Beyond: a Summary

This has been the busiest year for me in a looooong time, perhaps the busiest year ever. Since the debacle with the KY General Assembly in April, I have become increasingly involved in the political sphere. I have also discovered depths of strength and willpower I never suspected existed within myself.

Despite my introversion, despite my dislike of outdoor activities, I have spent the last six months going door-to-door, talking with people about the anti-gay amendment. I also volunteered for Kerry, hoping to pull the teeth of the GOP leadership, the real source of the 13 anti-marriage amendments appearing on state ballots this year. Realizing that the problem also had to be attacked at the roots, my wife and I joined Change for Kentucky, a progressive group seeking to change the political landscape of this state. We helped them present their "Not-So-Fancy-Farm" and select their "CFK 12", the dozen candidates they endorsed this year. I also participated in 8 of their 12 action days.

I learned how to phonebank, to canvass, deliver yard signs, and perform lit drops. I taught myself Microsoft Publisher, and began creating my own anti-amendment flyers and signs for distribution. I haven't done the final tally yet, but I estimate that I distributed over 2000 pieces of material by myself, and another thousand with the help of my wife. I also learned how to load a staple gun.

My arches are falling and I have blisters on my feet, but I have the security of not feeling guilty about any votes that don't go my way, because I know I did my best. I also have the satisfaction of looking back on a year of breaking new ground and succeeding at it.

Sarah G


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