Friday, November 05, 2004

Hard work DOES pay off

I tallied up the number of flyers & signs I circulated, mostly by myself. It adds up to over 4600. I stuck them under windshield wipers, stapled them to telephone poles, and left them at people's doors. I also wrote the newspaper, walked and phoned for NOTA (No On the Amendment), and worked hard to get LBGT-supporters re-elected to the Kentucky legislature.

The Republicans, however, swept the elections. Were my efforts useless?

No. I saw, in very concrete ways, the benefits of my efforts.

Lexington, the epicenter of this 'army of one', had the highest percentage of 'No' votes statewide. This was due to the tireless efforts of Netta, Charlotte, and the rest of the Lexington NOTA folks, but I would like to think that my flyers made some small contribution to that success. The NOTA leadership (based in 'more sophisticated' Louisville) did not believe in literature, had far more volunteers than Lexington, but didn't do nearly as well. Of course, they were dealing with people who DID use printed material.

I am far more certain it made a difference in our precinct. We were the only Democrats that canvassed the area: it was not considered a GOTV precinct due to its low performance rating. But, once Gwen became precinct chair, we started talking to people and circulating info on the Democratic candidates and the amendment. And there was a change!

Bush: 158 – 45%
Kerry: 188 – 54%
Nader: 3 – 1%
Badnarik: 1 – 0%

Our previous Dem performance rating was 50%, and Bush was the winner vs. Gore. Furthermore, we were the only precinct with a chair that actually delivered a Kerry win in the 88th legislative district. The other precincts that did so had higher percentages of registered Democrats than ours did, and the wins there came without precinct staff.

Bunning: 115 – 34%
Mongiardo: 226 – 66%

We did actually circulate Mongiardo's material, even though he was the sponsor of that d---ed amendment. We were representing the party, after all, and, once again... much higher Dem performance.

Chandler: 221 – 66%
Buford: 101 – 30%
Abner: 5 – 1%
Gailey: 4 – 1%

Chandler won by 61% in the special election, so we may have had less impact here. His campaign also provided no literature for distribution. He obviously didn't need it.

Yes: 188 – 56%
No: 147 – 44%

Lexington averaged a 42% vote against the amendment. This precinct in the 'conservative' 88th district beat that average! A little information can be a good thing!

I do believe that the efforts of individuals makes a difference. This is proof.

Sarah G


At 1:20 PM, Blogger lucy said...


y'all did d--n fine work this fall -- thank you. getting more good, responsible precinct chairs like you and gwen is what will let us take back our community from the Right.

Thank you!


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