Thursday, December 14, 2006

Who's really launching a war during Christmas?

December is upon us, and, once again, we're hearing screams about the "War on Christmas". The evil godless liberals are striking again, removing Christ from the holiday and forcing merchants to quake in fear of the forces of political correctness.

I got annoyed with this bullshit last year and made several remarks, mostly about fundamentalist churches who were hypocritical enough to complain about the secularization of Christmas, but cancelled services Christmas morning (the 25th fell on a Sunday last year) so everyone could stay home and open presents instead. This year, I’m going further, making some observations and suggestions to the wanna-be victims of ‘persecution’ out there.

1. Stop assuming that, when someone wishes you ‘Happy Holidays’, they’re attacking your religion. There are a number of other faiths that have holidays during this time, too, and we like to be included in well-wishes. Hell, even Lou Dobbs is telling people that Christmas gets most of its elements from Pagan religious holidays. We are out here, and we’re celebrating, too. Since our money is just as green as yours, don’t get angry at merchants who want our business. Besides, New Year’s Day is a holiday, too, hence ‘…and a Happy New Year’. ‘Happy Holidays’ is plural and shorter to say and print on banners, ads, etc.

2. Most people have no problem with being told to have a ‘Merry Christmas’ when it’s an honest sentiment instead of an announcement of one’s religious, and often political, views. I’ve even wished Christians ‘Merry Christmas’ back. Even the militant rabbi that caused all the flack at Sea-Tac this week didn’t ask the airport to take the holiday decorations down. He just wanted a big honkin’ menorah put up, too. It was the twits at the airport who decided to take everything down (if people have to share, the modern solution seems to be cancelling everything).

3. Learn to play well with others. Asking to have non-Xian faiths represented in decorations is not the same thing as attacking Christianity. If one of my grandsons claimed that putting up his brother’s drawings alongside his own on our refrigerator constituted an attack on him, he’d be told to stop being silly (or even selfish).

4. Finally: If you want more respect from Pagans, then stop bitching about Halloween! I’m tired of Xians complaining about people using the term ‘Happy Holidays’ when many of them are actively trying to ban recognition of Halloween, or are trying to morph it into a generic ‘Fall Festival’. Thanks for noticing that it’s a holiday, though. Now how about giving me the day off? I’ve worked over Christmas often enough.

Looking forward to the day when we can all wish each other well without worrying about insulting the wishee,

Sarah G


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