Wednesday, December 08, 2004

A Suggestion for Xian LBGTs

I know a bunch of you go to the MCC and other churches run 'by gays for gays'. Others have joined the Unitarian Church, but are still essentially Christian in your beliefs and practices. There are also some Christian denominations with 'open and affirming' congregations, and some of you have joined those fellowships.

Well, good. But you could be doing good, too.

Churchgoers across the country overwhelmingly said 'gay people suck' on November 2nd. I know, the spinmeisters amongst us claim it was only about the Christian definition of marriage, but think of the number of people who also voted to ban civil unions or domestic benefits in general. That goes a bit further than 'marriage is for straights only'. It doesn't take a degree in linguistics to glean the underlying translation: "You don't deserve anything good 'cos you went against God, you big sinner, you".

Naturally, the usual activist platitudes about 'continuing to educate others' are being mouthed. But letters to the newspaper, emails to your congressbigots, and speaking up in your supportive congregations isn't going to change much. Meeting the average churchgoer will.

I suggest that LBGT Xians ask the ministers, deacons, etc. of mainstream churches if they can visit services and speak to the congregation about LBGTs in Christianity. Don't shriek - I'm not suggesting you crash the local version of Westboro Baptist. Getting shot for the cause is highly overrated. I'm suggesting that you do what Christians are supposed to do - witness.

Stand up and share your background in Christianity - most of you weren't born attending MCC, and they may have even heard of your church. Heck, go back to your old church. Tell them about your relationship with Jesus. Most importantly, tell them why you continue to be Christian, despite the mass condemnations going on. No matter what your sexual or political persuasions, you have one important thing in common with them: your faith.

The more adventurous of you may want to join a mainstream church. If you become well liked, consider running for deacon or some such post, or even looking into the ministry. Yes, many gays and lesbians have been tried and defrocked for their courage, but their congregations become largely supportive of gays in the meantime, and continue to be so in the future.

The remedy to the current mantle of opprobrium is not seeking a hiding place 'among your own kind', but your courage. Self-respect is not the only reward you may find.

Sarah G


At 5:07 PM, Blogger Frank Glenn said...

Well said, daughter. As I've mentioned (until you are probably nauseated), make "them" accomodate! Many folks talk a rough game until confronted by a rational, smiling person.

Many will accomodate after the first "skirmish" (when they've made their obligatory "point"). Just keep showing up and smiling in their faces.


YOur Proud and Opinionated Father

At 12:25 AM, Blogger Josh said...

hello. I just joined the rainbow wind message group, and consider myself a christopagan. Anyway, I attend an activist UCC church that is witnesing and showing that everyone is welcome (since jesus didn't exclude anyone).
howevr, i do agree, that lgbt friendly churches need to do more.


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