Friday, July 30, 2004

Missouri: Will it be a bellwether?

Missouri is the first state this fall to vote on a state constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages. The vote takes place NEXT TUESDAY, August 3rd.

If you’re IN Missouri, please go to the polls and vote NO. Talk to your friends, too. If you're elsewhere, the folks there can still use your help. Check out the NO on Amendment 2 Campaign website at:

Sarah G

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Bad News, and More Bad News

The House of Representatives, including Ben Chandler, voted in favor of H.R. 3313, which would strip gays and lesbians of the right to sue for recognition of their marriages in federal courts, including the Supreme Court. This was especially hypocritical on Chandler's part, since he courted the gay vote before the special election. At least Alice Forgy Kerr, his GOP opponent, wasn't a hypocrite!

Meanwhile, Ernest Istook, R-OK, is following this up with the "National Marriage Law", which will create a nationwide marriage standard immediately definining marriage as one-man, one-woman only. It also denies any court (state or federal) besides the Supreme Court jurisdiction in claims of other forms of marriage.

The bill already has several co-sponsors. Please go to ASAP and urge your representative to oppose this bill. It is the right of citizens, all citizens, to seek redress in the courts.

Sarah G

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The Other Shoe Drops THIS THURSDAY

The "Marriage Protection Act" (H.R. 3313) seeks to deprive all federal courts, INCLUDING the Supreme Court, of their ability to hear constitutional challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act (which defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman for purposes of federal law, and enables states to refuse to recognize same-sex unions performed elsewhere).

Please note that this bill would set a nasty precedent - given this power, Congress might also seek to strip the court of jurisdiction when other 'unpopular' groups need to be bashed for political ends.

The planned date for voting is July 22nd - THIS THURSDAY. Please contact your rep and ask him/her to vote NO.
Kentucky Reps:
Ed Whitfield      (202) 225-3115
Ron Lewis         (202) 225-3501 - COSPONSOR - Ask him to drop his support
Anne Northup   (202) 225-5401 - COSPONSOR - Ask her to drop her support
Ken Lucas         (202) 225-3465
Hal Rogers        (202) 225-4601
Ben Chandler   (202) 225-4706

If you are OUTSIDE Kentucky, go to:
to get your rep's contact info.
Every little bit helps!

Sarah G

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Fundamentalists, GOP surprised at voter attitude

Apparently, the people pushing the FMA are surprised that the American people aren't up in arms about gay marriage.

I don't know... Perhaps it's because Americans usually don't care what other people do in their personal lives, as long as it doesn't affect them directly. Gay marriage matters most to:

1) the LGBTI community (go figure)


2) busybodies who can't stand seeing people they disapprove of being happy or getting benefits of any sort

Most Americans are more concerned about the war, the economy in the toilet, the war, the loss of their privacy, the war, the stripping of environmental safeguards, the war, Big Business getting a free hand, the WAR.... you get the picture.

CNN polls show that only 13% of people surveyed haven't made up their minds about the presidential candidates. Perhaps the GOP needs to find another hobbyhorse, since their fundie constituency wasn't going to go Democrat anyway.

I noted in the Reuters article that, for the 'average' voter, gay marriage ranked at the bottom of the list, just above Bush's proposed mission to Mars. I think the latter would have generated more enthusiasm if Bush had volunteered for the journey.

Sarah G

Good News!

This just up on CNN:

"It has become clear to legal scholars ... that same-sex marriage will be exported to all 50 states." - Bill Frist, R-TN.

We can but hope!

Sarah G

Monday, July 12, 2004

Less than 48 HOURS left till the FMA vote!

I hate to keep harping on this, folks, but time is running short. There are phone numbers below, and info here as well.

It's time that politicians stopped using people's lives as poker chips in the political casino. Call your senators and your rep today!

Sarah G

Friday, July 09, 2004

Call Congress NOW

Please note that you may need to repeat many, many times that you are AGAINST the Federal Marriage Amendment. I had to keep telling the secretary that. I suspect that our Fundie Non-Friends are hammering them.

The HRC is providing the following number:

Another main number is:

I called the Senate AND my House member. When calling Democrats, I would suggest telling them that they shouldn't divide the party during this critical election year. I know that the Dems in Kentucky have lost a lot of the support the gay community usually gives them.

Sarah G

Thursday, July 08, 2004


Well, this is good news...

I wonder if any of these ads will appear anywhere near my state, however. It has been my experience that only the 'important' states get this sort of attention. Perhaps if ads/actions from Move On, HRC, ACT, etc. were sent Kentucky's way, we wouldn't have so many right-wing people in charge here.

Sarah G


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