Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Whining Has Started

The Kentucky Kernel, the UK's student paper, has printed its first 'Xians being persecuted' letter of the holiday season. Sadly, I have discovered over the years that the Kernel doesn't really print letters from UK staff unless they happen to be faculty.

The letter, like most of its ilk, conflates the blocking of Christian creches on government property with Christians being forbidden to wear crosses, display a Nativity on their own property, or 'witness' to others. All three are still legal, although I tend to view 'witnessing' as the social equivalent of farting in an elevator. No one else enjoys it, and the farter usually doesn't want you to return the favor.

It also claims that, by preventing the displays of any faith on government property, atheism is being forced down the throats of the public. You don't need a degree in philosophy or religion to know that an error in logic is being made here. The absence of religious symbols does not equal promoting atheism. Banners stretched across the courthouse entrance reading "No Gods - No Masters" or "Religion Stops a Thinking Mind" would be promoting atheism.

A Truly Anti-Christian Statement

Expect to see letters whining about persecution in your local papers till after the holiday. There are too many Christians who would like to see themselves as 'persecuted' when they control the White House, Congress, and have a firm grip on the Supreme Court. I've commented on this canard previously, so I'm not going to run it to ground again - at least not today. Let me just repeat that people who aren't getting government favortism cannot claim persecution. They have no idea what persecution really is.

When you find such a letter in the paper, please write in to correct this cherished falsehood. It's good for you, the author (who will probably not appreciate your concern), and good for the public. And if any UK students are reading this, please send a reply to the Kernel about yesterday's letter. Faith, like gas, is personal and the government has no business favoring yours over mine.

Sarah G