Monday, January 24, 2005

Astrology: Dubya 2.0

Those of you who aren’t interested in astrology might want to go here instead.

But if you are interested and plan to read on, I begin with the following disclaimer: I do not do this for a living, nor am I licensed by any body of study. This is just my opinion. If you disagree with my interpretation of the planets, or have an inside track on Karl Rove’s plans, feel free to comment.

The 20th amendment states that the term of the president starts at noon on January 20th of the year following the election, so I cheated and didn’t watch the ceremony. My TV didn’t need me shrieking and throwing objects at it.

The US presidential term charts will all have some similar features, since the time, day, and location are fairly constant (at least since 1937). Generally, the Sun is in Aquarius, most likely near the Midheaven, and Taurus will be the rising sign. I think these contribute to the perception/reality of the USA as a) isolationist, and b) materialistic. Of course, under this influence, the USA could also be inventive and cultural. I have a feeling that it varies according to who the new president is. After all, this is the same chart John Kerry would have received if the election had gone the other way.

Most notable point: there is a Grand Trine in this chart (Moon, Neptune, Jupiter in air signs). If this chart belonged to a person, I would say that his/her idealism was something others noticed immediately, and that 'pie-in-the-sky' thoughts were his/her blessing and curse. Trines, unlike squares, indicate a unity of thought that translates to little self-examination. In other words, 'this is the way things are' - even if they're not.

The chart also has a darker side - Mars and Pluto in the 8th house. There are some serious issues to work through involving power and domination. They are both in Sagittarius, which is a very idealistic sign. Mercury and Venus (the chart ruler) are in the 9th house, the house of religion and foreign travel.

Now for the interesting part: Chiron conjuncts the Midheaven in Capricorn, and opposes Saturn in Cancer (an unhappy place for Saturn). Chiron is going to be very important in how we are seen/how we behave in the international theater. Furthermore, with an opposition in a person’s chart, it is not unusual for the person to chose one planet as his/her role and find someone else to ‘play’ the other planet. Chiron often indicates a 'sacred wound', and 9/11 still persists as one our country bears. This could have serious consequences if the wrong people are mistakenly connected to the USA's 'sacred wound' and an emotionally motivated Saturn is brought to bear on them.

Time to compare the inauguration chart to Dubya's. As I mentioned before, the chart for the second term would apply to whoever won the 2004 election, so the interaction between the charts is important to predict how this presidency will play out.

I see that Dubya is having his second Saturn return this time, and a Jupiter return as well. These will connect strongly with that Grand Trine and Chiron-Saturn opposition in the inauguration chart. Expect the religious fanaticism and drive to war to continue as a hallmark of the Bush regime.

Dubya has Sun in Cancer (12th house) with Leo rising. I find this interesting, since my brother has the same combination and is a quiet, well-spoken guy with a PhD in mathematics. He also used to belong to Amnesty International, which doesn’t jive at all with the sins of Abu Ghraib. Just goes to show that the stars impel, they don't compel.

Bush has Pluto, Venus, and Mercury (!) in the first house, which gives him charisma and a 'powerful' demeanor. This is a man used to throwing his weight around. He also has Mars in the 2nd house, which makes aggressiveness one of his core 'values' and indicates some personal anger issues. This is NOT a good combination with that 8th house Mars & Pluto in the inauguration chart, based on his track record.

What I am seeing so far in this interaction are avenues which could enable him to promote personal ambitions and work through his personal problems on an international scale. If he does, the Saturn return will probably provide its own payback; I just hope the nation won't be included in it.

Sarah G