Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Good News, Bad News, and Better News

The good news:
The "Marriage Protection Act" (aka the "Let's make sure those evil gays don't ever get health insurance Act") failed to pass the House this afternoon.

The bad news:
The MPA did get a majority vote. We're still nasty homos that need to have doors slammed in our faces to prove the righteousness of others. (Bitter? Me?)

This number included KY's only Democratic House Rep, Ben Chandler. Then again, Chandler is not the sort of person you turn to when you want unpopular causes protected. He has some principles, but not where human quality of life is concerned: he also voted for the bankruptcy bill, which protects millionaires who overborrow while cutting off options for the working poor.

Better News:
Since the Act had already been voted down in the Senate, this vote was mostly symbolic (i.e. for re-election campaign purposes). Everyone could have taken the politically 'safe' stance of voting for "Marriage Protection", knowing there would be no actual passage, but didn't. Perhaps minds are changing; if not within Congress, then within their constituencies.

Sarah G
Fighting the Good Fight